Tuesday, March 18, 2008

B-L-O-G alert.

Many moons ago my friend Deano and I traveled to America to stay on the Hawaiin Islands (Oahu to be precise). While we were there we decided that on our way home to Ireland we would stop and spend some time in a city in America called New York (city). Oh the fun we had. While we were there we bumped into two lovely ladies who bought us a pint and burger, then they said "Hey, do you want to go to our apartment in Brooklyn?". We said "yes". We had a great time that night (nothing untoward happened in case you were wondering) and laughed and joked and one of the girls knitted Deano a very small scarf, which he keeps in his house in Glasnevin Ireland.
Now, Deano and I live in Toronto with my lovely girlfriend Clare McQuaid, and one of the aforementioned ladies lives in Oregon and has created a blog called "Brass Tracks" it's tip top, so go! Go! Go, now and take a look at it.


Sunday, March 16, 2008



It iz me Mark aight! Izzit?


Sarah and Tadhg are here. They brought us over. 12 packets of Tayto, 2 bottles of Buckfast, 3 cans of Dutch Gold, Toblerones, a bottle of vodka, and loads of sweets and stuff.

What do you think of that post world?

Friday, March 14, 2008

The most boring thing on the internet

Web 2.0 is in full swing, with new innovative ideas popping up all over the web. Social networking sites are taking over, blog sites are becoming more and more popular by the second. It's really is quite an exciting time to be an internetorian, we're standing on cusp of real change.
Yet, with all this excitement in a time when nothing seems impossible, there is still this.

Trouble is on the way for Toronto....

Sarah and Tadhg are coming over to Toronto for a week. They arrive at 17:30. At about 20:30 sober Mark will check out for the week. Expect a lot of posts that make vague sense.

Deano's back!

Deano has a fantastic post on his blog about football, quite an interesting question is posed by young Deano. Check it out!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm very tired right now, when you're tired you get ideas that seem good at the time, then, you wake up and realize it wasn't a good idea at all. This may turn out to be one of them. A screen cap from the Radiohead website the day they said In Rainbows was coming out. Slightly nerdish isn't it. Yup future Mark this was probably too much of a silly idea.

Diamond hoo ha men

Ladies & Gentlemen of the world, i present to you the eternally cool. SUPERGRASS

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

spermfortickets.com (brilliant)

Apparently Irelands sperm banks are running a bit low, in order to counteract this the people in charge of Irelands sperm have set up spermfortickets.com . All you have to do is donate sperm and then you get a free ticket to ANY festival in Europe!
Also if you don't have the time to donate at your local sperm bank they'll post you out a special container, and then use a fast courier network to ensure that your donation reaches the bank in time.

"Oxegen isn't even worth a wank" - Dean-Ross Murray.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Neon Neon - I lust u

I've been banging on about Neon Neon for about a year now. The album is out on March 17th but you can listen to the whole lot of it on myspace. Speaking of Neon Neon I went to see Delorentos last night in Toronto, they gave me a copy of there album too which is sound of them. Speaking of Delorentos, here's the new Neon Neon video for "I lust u".

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lend me your face.

We just received a massive kick in the balls from a Winter season that refuses to let friendly Spring have it's turn at spreading sunshine upon this great country. It snowed this weekend, alot, for 36 long hours in fact, so the place is covered in about 3-4 feet of snow, mental. But the snow didn't deter us from having an excellent weekend, we went out to see a bunch of Irish bands play. The highlight of which were Fight Like Apes (best name for a band EVER) you should check them out on the internet, the internet is what your using right now. So then, we got hammered, with the band, who are really really sound and bought us a rake of pints with there tokens, it was very good indeed. Then today everyone was very hungover indeed, apart from me for some reason, maybe cos old man Mark got too drunk and fell asleep in the pub for a bit. So with everyone hungover today I made Shepherds Pie for all! I must say that Shepherds Pie is a wonderful dish. Now everyone is wrecked and heading to bed, good for them.
In general Canada is great, we went to Montreal last weekend and got hammered (that sums up that weekend)

Now be sensible and click on this, then afterwards praise the lord that sometimes humans on Earth get things incredibly right. www.myspace.com/fightlikeapesmusic

Thank you internet, this is Mark Orford wishing you well for the week ahead and remember that being alive is the greatest gift of all. xxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An ode to the Roti

Toronto is full of great things. The greatest of these things however is definitely the Roti, Rotis for those who don't know, are basically chicken (other meats are available) potatoes and curry sauce all wrapped up in massive naan bread. I go to a place on King and Dufferin (other intersections are available) called Island Foods.
Every time I've been there I've thoroughly enjoyed my boneless chicken Roti, at the beginning of my Island Foods career I could hardly finish a Roti, now I've graduated to ordering side dishes with it.
I also think that for the rest of my life I'll mention Island Foods Rotis to anyone who'll listen, and if they don't listen I'll think about them.

Here's a lady who knows how to make them: