Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An ode to the Roti

Toronto is full of great things. The greatest of these things however is definitely the Roti, Rotis for those who don't know, are basically chicken (other meats are available) potatoes and curry sauce all wrapped up in massive naan bread. I go to a place on King and Dufferin (other intersections are available) called Island Foods.
Every time I've been there I've thoroughly enjoyed my boneless chicken Roti, at the beginning of my Island Foods career I could hardly finish a Roti, now I've graduated to ordering side dishes with it.
I also think that for the rest of my life I'll mention Island Foods Rotis to anyone who'll listen, and if they don't listen I'll think about them.

Here's a lady who knows how to make them:

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johnorford said...

btw, roti is indonesian for bread (prob also hindi).