Thursday, July 26, 2007

Journo catchphrase.

Over the past year I have noticed that journalists, when on the phone to someone will almost always say, "i'm just ringing in relation to...." or "yes, but in relation to" or "i understand, but in relation to".

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shortest gig of all time


Thursday, July 12, 2007

broken social scene presents....

That lad who invented Broken Social Scene Kevin Drew is releasing an album called Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew, Spirit If. Plus it's going to feature a bunch of BSS people. Doesn't that mean that this is a new BSS album? Apparently not. But who cares!? It practically is. Plus the people on the internet are saying that this is going to be part one of a whole series of these mini albums. yerhooo! It's out on the 18th of September '07.
When i first read it, I thought BSS we're giving us a present. Thought about it for a while, and realized I was wrong. Still though it'd be nice to get a present off BSS. What would they give you as a present? Probably a copy of You Forgot it in People, tight prrrrrrixxxx!!
Listen up!! Right here

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

lastfm sells out! (in a good way)

Lastfm , which is absolutely brilliant! Has struck a deal with the Sony BMG record label which will enable users to listen to all the music featured in there back catalogue . Sahweet!! The people who set up lastfm recently sold it to CBS for a whopping $280 million! WOW. If you haven't already investigated "the social music revolution" you really should. __here__

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I've figured out.

Over the past twenty four years. Mark Orford has figured out some interesting things. All by himself! Some of these things have been extraordinary, some have been less interesting. Here's just a few of his discoveries.

* Color coding your cd collection is generally a bad idea. Sure it looks nice, but if your cd collection is quite extensive you might end up with your favourite cd on the lowest shelf. Meaning that it's harder to get to. Tip: put all your favourite cds on the most accessible shelf. This also means that if an emergency occurs i.e. a fire, your favourite cds can be easily rescued!

* If you're watching Coronation Street on UTV it's quite easy to skip the ad breaks! How? Easy, TV3 also show Coronation Street, but start the broadcast afew minutes earlier, possibly to attract more viewers. So if you flick over to TV3 when the ads start on UTV you've already cut the ad break in half.

* Never dry another dish again! O.H.M.I.G.O.D.M.A.R.K.H.O.W? Easy peasy good reader! Simply wash the dishes in very hot water, put them on the draining board and they'll dry themselves in only a couple of minutes! Wow!

* You're on the way home from work, you get on the train, you're tired but there is hardly any seats. Surely there is no way to get a seat!? **WRONG** In a city there are a good few stations situated within the CBD (Central Business District) So, depending on which station you get on at, look out for the person who is most likely to get off. Tip: Tourists will usually get off in the CBD so stand near them while they're sitting down, once they get up... GO! Sitting down will have never felt sweeter.

If you're walking down the road and have a blind corner in front of you, you may well be in store for an awkward bump with complete stranger. Egg on face! No! Watch out for approaching shadows, this will give you an indication if there is someone about bang into you. This will work even better if there is a cyclist on the way!


Eating : Bread

Drinking : Water

Location : Prison

Reading : A book

(p)Oxegen '07

Atmosphere - Shit, bordering on dangerous, if mcd keep on ignoring this situation something genuinely awful might happen, something like this.

Music - Absolutely incredible. I went to see The Delorentos , Biffy Clyro , Kings of Leon , Editors, QOTSA , Charlotte Hatherley, Mr. Hudson & The Library , Bloc Party , Coldwar Kids , Arcade Fire , The Hours (worst of the bunch) and then to round it all off I went to see The National in the the new bands tent.

Overall - Good music. Shit weather and too many scum bags for my liking. Would I go to another Oxegen? Nope. Bring on The Picnic.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Stay down champion let them all have your neck

I finished work, walked into HMV, looked around, all i saw was tired cd's on sale and various unappealing dvd's. It was then I felt something very unnerving inside me, a sense that the world of records as we know it might well be on the way out.
I walked down Grafton Street and thought about how the record store is slowly vanishing.I turned left onto Wicklow Street and saw Tower Records with it's lovely window display calling out to me.
The first cd i ever bought was Different Class by Pulp, I bought it in the massive Virgin on the Quays. I popped on the headhones and listened to the first line of every song, it was here where my record collection started. In Tower Records yesterday I done the exact same thing, only this time with Boxer by The National. I'm now listening to it for the first time. And it's reminding me of how i felt all those years ago when you stumble upon a record that you instantly know that is going to stay in your life forever. It's a special feeling, one that shouldn't be forgotten in a world of quick fix downloading, where you can dismiss a band within 30 seconds.
If in a few years time, the likes of Tower and HMV may become relics of the past it'll be an absolute travesty if they do, because for all the convenience of shopping online there's one thing that the internet will never be able to generate : atmosphere.
Boxer by The National has, in forty three minutes and five seconds rekindled my absolute belief in music.

Inroducing- The biggest cunt in Ireland... Eddie Hobbs!

Take a while and actually look at Eddie there.


What an absolute prick.

I laughed.

So the Diet of Worms played in the Village last night. Man-o-man-o-man they are some funny people. Roll on Edinburger, bring on the pool.