Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I've figured out.

Over the past twenty four years. Mark Orford has figured out some interesting things. All by himself! Some of these things have been extraordinary, some have been less interesting. Here's just a few of his discoveries.

* Color coding your cd collection is generally a bad idea. Sure it looks nice, but if your cd collection is quite extensive you might end up with your favourite cd on the lowest shelf. Meaning that it's harder to get to. Tip: put all your favourite cds on the most accessible shelf. This also means that if an emergency occurs i.e. a fire, your favourite cds can be easily rescued!

* If you're watching Coronation Street on UTV it's quite easy to skip the ad breaks! How? Easy, TV3 also show Coronation Street, but start the broadcast afew minutes earlier, possibly to attract more viewers. So if you flick over to TV3 when the ads start on UTV you've already cut the ad break in half.

* Never dry another dish again! O.H.M.I.G.O.D.M.A.R.K.H.O.W? Easy peasy good reader! Simply wash the dishes in very hot water, put them on the draining board and they'll dry themselves in only a couple of minutes! Wow!

* You're on the way home from work, you get on the train, you're tired but there is hardly any seats. Surely there is no way to get a seat!? **WRONG** In a city there are a good few stations situated within the CBD (Central Business District) So, depending on which station you get on at, look out for the person who is most likely to get off. Tip: Tourists will usually get off in the CBD so stand near them while they're sitting down, once they get up... GO! Sitting down will have never felt sweeter.

If you're walking down the road and have a blind corner in front of you, you may well be in store for an awkward bump with complete stranger. Egg on face! No! Watch out for approaching shadows, this will give you an indication if there is someone about bang into you. This will work even better if there is a cyclist on the way!

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