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Tottenham 5 - 1 Arsenal

Due to various commitments (living in Toronto, going to see Editors last night) I didn't get around to watching the Spurs match until tonight. But... it was worth the wait, 5-1 to Spurs. And yes I know it's only the League Cup and Arsenal were fielding a young team. I am aware of all the connotations of it, but seeing Spurs play like that against Arsenal gave me goose bumps. I've waited 8 and a half years for this, and it my friends is, sweet.

Here's a little something Chas'N'Dave cooked up back in '81.

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Enertainment Tonight can fuck right off.

I'm just watching Entertainment Tonight, they're talking about Heath Ledgers death, a serious subject if ever there was one. Obviously they're well within there rights to report (i use that word very loosely) on the tragic events that occurred yesterday. But! What really pisses me off is the way they refer to the paperazzi in the third person, when they are the ones with "exclusive" pictures of his ex-wife and there young child on there way home from somewhere in Europe after hearing the news.SCUM. Anyway, it's an ad break now, what's on after the ads? "Should Britney be put on suicide watch?"


On a brighter note:

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A good blog.

Dear internet,

I have found a great new blog called thrill pier. The only problem is that the person who writes it seems to support Arsenal, but we wont hold that against this excellent blog we will internet?

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Football Player No. 2

Curtis "right" Fleming

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scotch Mist

Instead of doing this, gmail/bebo/bbc/bebo/gmail/facebook/bebo/nme/guardian/gmail/bebo/facebook/gmail.. pressing refresh on gmail to see if you've gotten any new comments on bebo. You should take 52 minutes and 31 seconds to watch this Radiohead web cast.

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Random Football Player No. 1

Ramon "Defensive Rock" Vega

The truth about The Premiership

Since 1992 people have been talking an awful lot of poop about the Premier League. This post is going to explain how things pan out for each team every season no matter how much crap is talked before the season starts.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool
will finish 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th, in varying order. Most of the time Liverpool will think that "this is going to be our year" it never will be.
Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle Manchester City and Aston Villa, will talk rubbish about trying to break into the top four. It won't happen, unless someone with too much money throws ridiculous amounts of cash around.

Middlesborough, Blackburn, West Ham, Portsmouth, Bolton, reckon that if they build on the "solid" seasons they had last year they might have a chance of getting into Europe, which they may well do but it's ultimately all in vein because the UEFA cup is a very poor competition.
Derby, Sunderland, Reading Birmingham, Fulham, Wigan are all going to think that IF, they can avoid relegation that they can build on that success, and next season finish mid-table, and become a permanent fixture in the premiership.

The teams change every season at the lower ends of that list, but it's ultimately futile really, because one day the world will blow up and we'll all die. And maybe in the nano second before it happens people will think, what a waste of time football really was.

C'mon you Spurs!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

It'a my birthday

That's meant to read "it's my birthday" but, "it'a my birthday" sounds Eyetalian wha! Anyway, Happy Birthday to me, and thanks to everyone who sent me nice messages today, really appreciated. Cheers to you all!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Best of 2007

My brother has a great piece on his blog about his favorite things in 2007 so I decided to rob that idea for my one. It's only him that reads this blog so I doubt he'll mind.

Fave Film:

American Gangster. I'm not much of a film buff but I think American Gangster by Ridely Scott was a great movie, I'm sure everyone knows the film, so I won't bother trying to remember. Watch the trailor. Or, read this interview with the real Frank Lucas, it was carried out a few years ago but it's still really good.

Fave Photo:I like this photo this photo because, obviously I'm with Gruff Rhys, and also because we got a phone call before the gig from our landlady saying that we had got the apartment we now live in. So for the memories and for just the sheer greatness of it, this is my favorite photo of 2007.

Fave albums:

I already kind of covered this a few weeks ago but no harm in doing it again... or is there?? No, probably not. 2007 was the best year for music this decade I reckon. I liked all the "BIG" albums, because I'm like that. So, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, SFA, Radiohead, The National, Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys and The Hold Steady. All of them albums are fantastic. I also listened to Revolver by The Beatles, of course!

Fave Purchase:

My superb Mac Book! I reckon I'd die if didn't have it.

Fave Place:

On a open top bus in Barcelona, heading down Las Ramblas, or watching the sunset over Onario Lake this September. (not gay)

Fave bit of work:

Getting some photoshop images on the cover of the Sunday Tribune Business section.

So, that's it. I also moved to Toronto this year from Dublin, that was a bit mad. But I'm here now and it's working out very well indeed. I hope everyone had as good a 2007 as I did, here's to another great year.

Happy War (Christmas is over)


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New kids on the blog



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Mark Orford's Christmas Story... wait, and new years.

Canada is great. That's a fact of life.
Christmas was brilliant, on the Friday I left work I headed out with a few people from work for "beers" it ended up with me and a guy called shay drinking scotch. I can't remember any of the night then. When I got back into work on Wednesday I found out that he continued to drink and ended up at home and he put his own face through a mirror and passing out on the floor, his neighbors heard the crash, ran downstairs to find him covered in blood on the floor. He woke up in the hospital getting stitches in his face and also spent three days there over Christmas. Upon hearing this I retorted with my own tale of madness "I was locked out of my gaff for about 20 minutes, until my girlfriend came and let me in, it was fine though I had a bottle of beer with me".


The rest of Christmas was spent drinking and eating, lovely.
My friend Conor got a new white jacket (i saw photos on bebo) it looks like a pile of crap, it looks like the kind of jacket that someone would wear on space station..... but that'd be pretty cool, so maybe the jacket is actually great.
Our New Year's wasn't very drunken at all, because the day before was spent in the pub and we all woke up DYING. I puked, the worst puking experience I've had in long time. We headed downtown, around the town hall, where the the Plain white Gee's ushered in the new year, they were shite, but it was snowing and there was fireworks so all in all it was great.
So now, there you go.
Just back from seeing that musical film, Sweeney Todd, it was entertaining. I said to Brendan and Deano that of all the times I'd hate the most to live in, it'd be during the nasty plague time in "LDN" to which Deano replied "Yeah, it'd be crap to have to sing every sentence too"



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