Thursday, July 12, 2007

broken social scene presents....

That lad who invented Broken Social Scene Kevin Drew is releasing an album called Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew, Spirit If. Plus it's going to feature a bunch of BSS people. Doesn't that mean that this is a new BSS album? Apparently not. But who cares!? It practically is. Plus the people on the internet are saying that this is going to be part one of a whole series of these mini albums. yerhooo! It's out on the 18th of September '07.
When i first read it, I thought BSS we're giving us a present. Thought about it for a while, and realized I was wrong. Still though it'd be nice to get a present off BSS. What would they give you as a present? Probably a copy of You Forgot it in People, tight prrrrrrixxxx!!
Listen up!! Right here


Mc Q said...

This is the best news ever!!
Music and Unicorns...It doesn't get much better than that:)

Coco said...

The present was Feist.