Tuesday, March 18, 2008

B-L-O-G alert.

Many moons ago my friend Deano and I traveled to America to stay on the Hawaiin Islands (Oahu to be precise). While we were there we decided that on our way home to Ireland we would stop and spend some time in a city in America called New York (city). Oh the fun we had. While we were there we bumped into two lovely ladies who bought us a pint and burger, then they said "Hey, do you want to go to our apartment in Brooklyn?". We said "yes". We had a great time that night (nothing untoward happened in case you were wondering) and laughed and joked and one of the girls knitted Deano a very small scarf, which he keeps in his house in Glasnevin Ireland.
Now, Deano and I live in Toronto with my lovely girlfriend Clare McQuaid, and one of the aforementioned ladies lives in Oregon and has created a blog called "Brass Tracks" it's tip top, so go! Go! Go, now and take a look at it.



ms. robinson said...

mark, you're the best!! you forgot the bit about the cafe wha? and climbing trees in the park. :)
clare is girl-on-the-bus, isn't she? :)
i thought of you recently when SFA came to town, but alas it was like 20 something dollars and on a school night, so i didn't go. but i thought about going! and that's what's important.

carrotpreacher said...

Hello, great blog, I noticed you had Underworld listed as one of your music favorites which leads me to believe that you like electronica. If you do, please read my latest post (in fact, read the last few to understand what my blog is about). I'm trying to get this music thing going grassroots style.