Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lend me your face.

We just received a massive kick in the balls from a Winter season that refuses to let friendly Spring have it's turn at spreading sunshine upon this great country. It snowed this weekend, alot, for 36 long hours in fact, so the place is covered in about 3-4 feet of snow, mental. But the snow didn't deter us from having an excellent weekend, we went out to see a bunch of Irish bands play. The highlight of which were Fight Like Apes (best name for a band EVER) you should check them out on the internet, the internet is what your using right now. So then, we got hammered, with the band, who are really really sound and bought us a rake of pints with there tokens, it was very good indeed. Then today everyone was very hungover indeed, apart from me for some reason, maybe cos old man Mark got too drunk and fell asleep in the pub for a bit. So with everyone hungover today I made Shepherds Pie for all! I must say that Shepherds Pie is a wonderful dish. Now everyone is wrecked and heading to bed, good for them.
In general Canada is great, we went to Montreal last weekend and got hammered (that sums up that weekend)

Now be sensible and click on this, then afterwards praise the lord that sometimes humans on Earth get things incredibly right.

Thank you internet, this is Mark Orford wishing you well for the week ahead and remember that being alive is the greatest gift of all. xxx

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johnorford said...

wow great pic! do u get urself the d40 in the end?

if u get a chance tell me where brendan lives on manhattan, i need some ideas :)