Thursday, February 28, 2008

More News From Nowhere

I've changed the name of my blog.
"More News From Nowhere" is the last song on the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album.
I've been having "those days" recently, not bad days by any stretch, just days that pass by without any difference from the last. I heard this song, and it blew me away, I love when a song finds you when you least expect it and sums up exactly how you feel, as if somehow by magic.

That's all.

Hmm.. I just took off my earphones in work, and the song from Peep Show is on the radio.
Stange eh!?

1 comment:

johnorford said...

i've duly updated ur new site's name in me rss feeder.

about the d40, yeh, u know me i'm a cheapskate when it comes to everythign! :)

but who knows, would love to see dad's face if i got a better camera than him :):)

but i just saw there that it's only $500 USD, it's well worth it.

btw, i'm heading to nyc for certain!! august at latest... haven't told the parents yet... told the bean, cos i hoped she'd tell them so i wouldn't have to :):):)

wish me luck! :)