Monday, August 11, 2008

Football rant.

Jimmy Bullard has a better pass completion rate then Stephen Gerrard or Cesc Fabregas, 83% pass completion rate to be exact. The manager of West Ham, Alan Curbishley, is pondering a move for 32 year old Ben Thatcher, however Thatcher was booed by Hammers fans during Saturdays 1-1 draw with Villareal.
The Premiership is coming, the above is just some of the completly useless facts that a starved football fan might come across in a vein attempt to garner as much football knowledge as possible before the "big kick off" on Saturday when Arsenal face West Brom in approximately 4 days, 12 hours, 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Yes I have my Premier League kick off widget set up, thank you.
But what is going to happen in the 08/09 season that is going to be so different to the other seasons? Nothing, probably. The three promoted teams (Hull, Stoke, West Brom) will of course just be looking to survive in order to build into the next season. Then there's a bunch of teams, Fulham, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Blackburn, who'll be looking to build on last seasons "success" which basically means if they have a nice quiet season and finish 12th they'll be happy. Then there are the teams just below the top, who think they can break into, the erm, top four, which basically translates into. Hoping that Arsenal or Liverpool have a shite season and we can squeeze into fourth. Then there is the almighty top four. Who's gonna win the Premier League?? Arsenal? Manchester United? Liverpool? Chelsea?
So that's all there is to know about the premiership really, isn't it? No not really, there will be awful tackles, silly decisions, mad fans, great goals, David James' haircuts, Newcastle hoping for next season, the Janurary transfer window and Arsene Wenger complaining about no Winter break, while everyone else sits back on Stephens Day with a Turkey Sambo having a great time.
So fair play to football, it's sound.

Been on Mars? Here's what happened when you were away:

Mark Hughes went to Manchester City, then City almost signed Ronaldinho and then and then and then, they didn't. Ronaldo spent the Summer acting like a twat, no surprise there really. Spurs went mad and spent loads of money, again no surprise. Chelsea brought in Phil Scolari and some bloke from Coolock called Deco. Arsenal bought "the new Zidane". West Ham...... got beaten by the MLS all-stars. Blackburn got a new manager, Paul Ince (he's black y'know). And Preston did a tidy bit of business and signed Ross Wallace on loan from Sunderland. Andre 3000, sorry, Emmanuel Adebayor reckoned he could play for Milan, Milan reckoned they'd love to buy him, Adebayor then said "I'd love to play for Milan. Then Arsenal said to Emmanuel "you're not allowed" then Emmanuel said "I have three years left on my contract and I'm putting two or three years more, so I'm very happy being part of this family." The FA started going on about referees getting no respect, so they told players to wear t-shirts before the community shield, with RESPECT written on them, then the token Scottish pundit on Setenta Sports branded the whole initiative a load of old cods wallop. Good for him.

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Good rant marko. I love a good rant. I've a new one on my blog. I'm back and I'm ready to rant!