Sunday, January 13, 2008

The truth about The Premiership

Since 1992 people have been talking an awful lot of poop about the Premier League. This post is going to explain how things pan out for each team every season no matter how much crap is talked before the season starts.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool
will finish 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th, in varying order. Most of the time Liverpool will think that "this is going to be our year" it never will be.
Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle Manchester City and Aston Villa, will talk rubbish about trying to break into the top four. It won't happen, unless someone with too much money throws ridiculous amounts of cash around.

Middlesborough, Blackburn, West Ham, Portsmouth, Bolton, reckon that if they build on the "solid" seasons they had last year they might have a chance of getting into Europe, which they may well do but it's ultimately all in vein because the UEFA cup is a very poor competition.
Derby, Sunderland, Reading Birmingham, Fulham, Wigan are all going to think that IF, they can avoid relegation that they can build on that success, and next season finish mid-table, and become a permanent fixture in the premiership.

The teams change every season at the lower ends of that list, but it's ultimately futile really, because one day the world will blow up and we'll all die. And maybe in the nano second before it happens people will think, what a waste of time football really was.

C'mon you Spurs!

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deano said...

How dare you. How dare you. No one will ever think football is a waste of time. How dare you!