Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mark Orford's Christmas Story... wait, and new years.

Canada is great. That's a fact of life.
Christmas was brilliant, on the Friday I left work I headed out with a few people from work for "beers" it ended up with me and a guy called shay drinking scotch. I can't remember any of the night then. When I got back into work on Wednesday I found out that he continued to drink and ended up at home and he put his own face through a mirror and passing out on the floor, his neighbors heard the crash, ran downstairs to find him covered in blood on the floor. He woke up in the hospital getting stitches in his face and also spent three days there over Christmas. Upon hearing this I retorted with my own tale of madness "I was locked out of my gaff for about 20 minutes, until my girlfriend came and let me in, it was fine though I had a bottle of beer with me".


The rest of Christmas was spent drinking and eating, lovely.
My friend Conor got a new white jacket (i saw photos on bebo) it looks like a pile of crap, it looks like the kind of jacket that someone would wear on space station..... but that'd be pretty cool, so maybe the jacket is actually great.
Our New Year's wasn't very drunken at all, because the day before was spent in the pub and we all woke up DYING. I puked, the worst puking experience I've had in long time. We headed downtown, around the town hall, where the the Plain white Gee's ushered in the new year, they were shite, but it was snowing and there was fireworks so all in all it was great.
So now, there you go.
Just back from seeing that musical film, Sweeney Todd, it was entertaining. I said to Brendan and Deano that of all the times I'd hate the most to live in, it'd be during the nasty plague time in "LDN" to which Deano replied "Yeah, it'd be crap to have to sing every sentence too"



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