Sunday, January 6, 2008

Best of 2007

My brother has a great piece on his blog about his favorite things in 2007 so I decided to rob that idea for my one. It's only him that reads this blog so I doubt he'll mind.

Fave Film:

American Gangster. I'm not much of a film buff but I think American Gangster by Ridely Scott was a great movie, I'm sure everyone knows the film, so I won't bother trying to remember. Watch the trailor. Or, read this interview with the real Frank Lucas, it was carried out a few years ago but it's still really good.

Fave Photo:I like this photo this photo because, obviously I'm with Gruff Rhys, and also because we got a phone call before the gig from our landlady saying that we had got the apartment we now live in. So for the memories and for just the sheer greatness of it, this is my favorite photo of 2007.

Fave albums:

I already kind of covered this a few weeks ago but no harm in doing it again... or is there?? No, probably not. 2007 was the best year for music this decade I reckon. I liked all the "BIG" albums, because I'm like that. So, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, SFA, Radiohead, The National, Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys and The Hold Steady. All of them albums are fantastic. I also listened to Revolver by The Beatles, of course!

Fave Purchase:

My superb Mac Book! I reckon I'd die if didn't have it.

Fave Place:

On a open top bus in Barcelona, heading down Las Ramblas, or watching the sunset over Onario Lake this September. (not gay)

Fave bit of work:

Getting some photoshop images on the cover of the Sunday Tribune Business section.

So, that's it. I also moved to Toronto this year from Dublin, that was a bit mad. But I'm here now and it's working out very well indeed. I hope everyone had as good a 2007 as I did, here's to another great year.

Happy War (Christmas is over)


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Coco said...

And your favourite new person of 2007?


johnorford said...

err i thought i stole that best of idea from ur best of albmus! :)