Sunday, October 21, 2007


It would be very easy to dismiss Football in America and Canada. BUT! Yesterday i had the pleasure of watching my very first Toronto F.C. game. It was a fantastic match, and I knew I enjoyed it because during the game, I started referring to Toronto F.C. as "us".
The match ended 2-2 with Daniel Dichio scoring a fantastic looping equalizer in the 91st minute. Unfortunately the season is over now, but Mo Johnston is hoping to work his usual close season magic by drafting in some new players onto the roster. He's also eying up a sneeky move for Savo Milosovic, that wouldn't our designated player though, good old Mo is going to wait until everything in his team is perfect until he puts the cherry on top.
Our aim next season will be to get into the play offs.

Other things I love in Toronto are:

The Subway.

Our Dishchair.

18" pizzas for $15.

The Green Room.

The Crooked Star.

Our bedside tables.

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johnorford said...

With Daniel Dichio and Milosevic up front, there's b no stopping u!! ;)

Btw, what's a dish chair?