Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm going to continue to write this entry in ten minutes, McQuackers rang and said that number 77 is throwing out a purple rug..... we could do with one of them!

Now to update my long forgotten blog....

We (Clare, Deano and myself) arrived in Toronto on the 20th of September two thousand and seven. We flew with BA(satards) they forgot to put our luggage on the plane , so they gave each of us $70 and said that our bags would be dropped out to John's house the next day. And they did!! Bad start, good ending ey!!!
Since the bag incident, we have found an apartment, a telly, a set of AWESOME speakers 5.1 surround sound (wha!) wireless internet, mobile telephones and one futon.
I never realised how hard it is to furnish a whole apartment. We have even measured up for curtains and assembled the futon :

We've been to gigs, Gruff Rhys. I met him, Deano took a photo, but now his camera is dead so i can't post it right now. Broken Social Scene was excellent too. Best bit: when there was a stage invasion and some arsehole thought it'd be a good idea to jump off the stage, obviously when he did, the crowd parted and he fell on his face, excellent. Oh yes, BSS also bought everyone in the room a shot of Tequila which all 600 of us drank in sync. SWEET.

That's all.


johnorford said...

BSS have gone up in my estimations - bought everyone a tequila!! that's what u2 should do instead of paying for all their fancy screens and stuff!! :):)

rug looks v nice!!

Anonymous said...

Mark smells of wee