Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things figured out. Week one : What was the last Beatles album?

Was it Abbey Road or Let it be?
Let it be was recorded in 1969 and was supposed to be a documentry about the band recording an album and was meant to culminate with the bands return to live performance, however it actually turned out to be a documentary about the band fighting and generally annoying eachother. Upon viewing this material the band the decided the album and "the documentary" were a load of shit, so they scrapped it. After this they went into the studio again, this time with George Martin, and recoreded Abbey Road. Which they released later that year, 1969. This turned out to be the last Beatles album that they recorded. However! in 1970 (the band had split by this stage) they all realised that they spent way too much money on the Let it be project to simply let it gather dust. So they gave the tapes to Phil Spector, and he somehow ruined it even more. So! Abbey Road was the last one they recorded, but Let it be was the last one they released. get it? got it.

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