Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Oh yeah, it was the end of an era"

Tim Wheeler has announced that "Twilight of the Innocents" is going to be the bands last full length album. From now on they're going to be releasing digital only singles. Apparently Ash having been getting royally pissed off with having to wait to release new material, having completed Twilight if the innocents poor old Wheeler and co had to sit about since January waiting for there record company do get up off there arses and release it.
The lead singer had this to say "We've been one of the best singles bands of the last two decades and we're still younger than a lot of bands on the current scene. I'm excited to push this claim further by dedicating ourselves wholly to the art of the single for the digital age."
So no more Ash albums eh? That's one less thing to worry about then.

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johnorford said...

this is a fantastic idea!