Monday, June 11, 2007

New SFA album out on August 27th

The good news for all earthlings is that the Super Furry Animals will be releasing "Hey Venus!" on the 27th of August, and a new single will be out two weeks earlier, on the 13th called "show your hand".
Speaking to nme Gruff had this to say of the album.

"At lot of the songs have the same central theme - following a young woman called Venus moving from a small town to a big metropolis and following her adventures.

"Some songs link up to that story more than others, but some were left off the record, they'll be on the next one, which we're working on already. It started off as a concept, but then we chose songs for their merit rather than their themes."

The tracklisting will be:

'The Gateway Song'
'Show Your Hand'
'The Gift'
'Neo Consumer'
'Into The Night'
'Baby Ate My Eight Ball'
'Carbon Dating'
'Battersea Odyssey'

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